Jerry Adzima, CMFC®

Jerry Adzima, CMFC®

Financial Advisor

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"When I first started in this business, I was concerned by how unprepared most investors were for retirement.  Many investors I met with had simply bought a few mutual funds or a basket of individual securities over the years with the hope that their money would eventually grow enough to allow them to retire. In addition, I saw that many people were putting their faith (and hard-earned dollars) with financial advisors who were steeped in good intention, but truly lacked the investment expertise needed to assist their clients to succeed financially. In planning for retirement or for other financial goals, investing should not be a hit-or-miss approach, but rather a disciplined approach which attempts to access the highest level of expertise available in the financial services industry. Unfortunately, I believe that many investors who think they are receiving on-going investment expertise often are placed in buy-and -hold investment strategies that receive little attention after the initial investment implementation." Jerry Adzima

Mr. Adzima's 36 years of experience gives him a unique perspective to help his clients achieve their financial goals.  Serving as a life insurance agent, Pension Marketing Manager and the Vice President of 403(b) Sales of one of the largest 403(b) providers in the industry, Mr. Adzima has the uncommon experience to craft both a pratical and achievable plan for his clients. His rare insight to both the insurance and investment world allow him the flexibility to offer solutions designed to meet the client's needs. 

Mr. Adzima has been licensed in securities since 1987 and  has held a CMFC degree from the College for Financial Planning since 1998, he also has  been licensed in Life, Health, and  Annuity since 1979. Jerry is a frequent speaker and trainer at both national and regional industry meetings.