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What Your Budget and Diet Both Have in Common

April 24, 2020

Some of the biggest goals we set for ourselves often come down to two categories. These categories are finance and health. This month I'm going to start a budget. This year I'm going to pay off my credit card debt. I'm going to lose 20lbs this year.These are some of the things you here others say and some that you might say yourself! Oddly enough, these two categories often come down to a similar structure, that is budgeting and dieting. At first you might not think of it, but budgeting and dieting often have many things in common. Here's a few of those similarities:

We Are Trying to Manage the Flow

They always make it sound easy right? "Oh just spend less than you make, what's the big deal?" or "All you have to do is eat less to lose weight." We are often playing a game of trying to manage what we bring in and how much is going out. Either by money or by food in your diet. Regardless, having a clear plan that's written down will help keep you on track when trying to target this goal of controlling the flow of income or your food and nutrition 

Our Bad Habits Are Progressive

Most of us cannot look back and pinpoint one or two bad decisions that made us go off track. Many times it's a sum of all the decisions we've made over a longer period of time that arrives us at the place we are now. We progress into the situation that we're in today. The faster you can notice that you're going off track, the faster you can correct what you're doing to bring you back to where you need to be. 

Too Restrictive Plans Normally Don't Work

Budgeting and dieting shouldn't be viewed as something that you're doing that will prohibit you from having fun! You need to make sure you're giving yourself room for some fun. You need to view your decision to diet or budget as a step to improve your lifestyle to better yourself. Often times, we focus too much on the future and forget to live in the present. You have to leave yourself room to have fun. Sit aside a little money every couple weeks to buy something for yourself or give yourself a cheat day in your diet! You've made the step to improve your life, never forget to reward yourself a little bit! 

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